Monday, December 06, 2004

New Kind of Pain

I started physical therapy on my shoulder today...and found a whole new kind of pain. I was told that beginning physical therapy can be painful...but I truly had no idea.

At first everything seemed fine. Just some minor discomfort in trying to expand the range of motion on my still sore shoulder. Then pop. And then a rush of pain like I've never felt before. The therapist struggled to pop my shoulder back into place. All the while I'm sweating and grumbling with the pain. Not fun.

After an ice pack and electrodes to the shoulder...the therapist tried to work it again. This time an even louder pop...and even stronger pain. I could tell the therapist was truly worried about getting the shoulder back into place. I was just looking for a bucket. After what seemed like an eternity...finally some peace...the shoulder popped back in. Then more ice packs and electrodes...and the therapist sent me home.

Not a fun day. And I'm afraid not much time can be spent on the computer due to the pain.

If anyone has any experience with physical therapy...please let me know if this type of experience is normal. I have another session this Wednesday...and I'm dreading it like the plague.

So, bare with me. I'll try to post a bit here and there. Just can't dive too much into system testing right now. I will tell you that I've been testing a cool little idea that involves US oil rig counts and oil prices to trade oil drillers. The idea seems to have some promise.

Have a great week!


muckdog said...

Ouch! Hope you're on the mend.

Mike Taylor said...

Thanks! Feeling much better.