Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

I'm busy with my research on the big trends for the upcoming years. It's taking longer than I thought with the please forgive me for not getting it to you before this year is up. I hope to have the first part of the article posted this Sunday. Kinda open year 2005 with a bang. We'll see.

TraderMike posted his 2005 prediction for the But, I'm still waiting for his 2005 resolution(s). :)

My prediction? I tend to agree with Michael. How the heck can anybody know what's going to happen in a year? And if they did...would anybody believe them?

I think the best thing one can do in gearing up for a new year is determine what major trends took place in the prior year. Better yet...what major trends have been taking place for the past few years. Trends continue until they don't. The likelyhood of the start of a new year being the end of a major trend is very small. Large trends takes months and sometimes years to unwind. So, identify the major trends and gear yourself towards them.

The next best thing to do for a new year is evaluate what you did right and wrong in the previous year. And of course, do more of what you did right and less of what you did wrong.

Here's the major thing I did wrong in 2004. Second guess my systems. Selling out my system positions, letting my sidebet overcome my entire portfolio was a stroke of idiocy. But, it taught me a lesson. A lesson I've been needing to learn. Trust my systems.

The major thing I did right? Realizing I made a mistake in selling out my system positions and buying all of them back, at higher prices to boot. Did that hurt? Yes! But, it taught me something. Don't compound a mistake you made by sticking with that mistake to the bloody end. Cut your losses and move on.

So, enjoy the New Year everyone. I hope you have a Happy, Safe, and Prosperous One!

See ya in 2005!

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Michael said...

Happy New Year. I'll post my resolutions right after you post yours! :-)

Nathan Frampton said...

My 2005 resolution. Stop blogging so much so my wife doesn't kill me.

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Mike Taylor said...

Michael, you got me there. How about we resolve to not have resolutions this year. :)

Nathan, checked out your Framptonia blog. Ya'll cover quite a lot of issues. Good stuff. I might have to claim your 2005 resolution as well.

Michael said...

So shall it be resolved. I usually don't do resolutions but you've actually got me thinking of some. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow if I'm not too hung over. :-)