Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mid-day Readings

Took an early lunch to meet with the real estate broker today. Might have found a house. Not 100% sure...but the house has potential. Wouldn't be a big upgrade from our current house...but would get us closer to civilization...and more room for the little curtain-crawler.

Now, on to business. Some interesting articles today that run the gamut:
  • Blockbuster removing the late fee? Finally, they realize how hard it is to stop watching TV, get off the couch, and take a dang movie back.

  • Interesting chart from Infectious Greed on holidays and deaths. Paul's speculation that people would rather die than mess up their holidays is probably more true than we think. My mother died a day after Christmas in 2001 after a long battle with Leukemia. She decided being home with the family during the holidays was a much much better choice than being stuck in a hospital.

  • Raymond Mason honored as CEO of the Year by CBSMarketWatch.com.

  • Not finished Holiday shopping? Send someone a FAT bastard.

  • Chuck Jaffe's Lump of Coal Awards. My favorite winners are Chris Lahiji and Doug Fabian. But, let's admit...kudos must go to Fabian. Promising a 100% return in 365 days? Now, that's moxie!

  • The Bunny Portfolio? Check out Tesoro's rocket-like comeback from oblivion. Tesoro's stock plummeted below $2.00/share back in 2002 when the crack spread was at its narrowest. Now, the stock trades above $30.00/share. Wow! Maybe I need to watch the new low list more often.

  • Interesting little history lesson on the German mark and hyperinflation by Jonathan Hoenig. Read here.
Why is it when we look at a home to buy...we automatically fly into Mr. House inspector? Noting every nook and cranny that is wrong with the house. Yet, when evaluating a stock...we only see the positives?

Later trades...

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