Sunday, January 22, 2012

Portfolio Performance - December 2011

December 2011
# of Entries..........10
# of Exits.............9


Portfolio's ROI......- 0.14%
Market's ROI.........+ 0.85%
I believed December was going to be a great month. You can see with a 78% win ratio...we were more right than wrong for the month. But, we took a really bad hit on one of the positions. That's what is difficult about the market right now. Most of the trading surprises are still to the downside. Looking forward to the trend of upward surprises.

That's actually a study I might explore - tracking the surprise factor. Is the market showing a trend of upside surprises or downside surprises? Or is the market caught in a surprise stasis? How do each of these scenarios effect the system?

For the year of 2011 - the portfolio eaked out a +4.00% return. Given the volatility of the market; that's a whole lot of work for very little gain. But, we survived. Lived to play another year. In the end, glad to put 2011 to rest and start 2012.

On a personal note...really excited about taking a trip back home to Texas later this month. I'll be visiting Dallas (Grapevine area), followed by Houston, and finally home sweet Texas home. Excited about visiting with family, eating great Texas food, and hopefully warmer temperatures
Later Trades,