Thursday, December 16, 2004

Late Night Readings

Congrats to Kelly for his win on The Apprentice. Kelly's a stiff...but he gets the job done.

Next season's Apprentice looks like a good one. The Book Smarts vs. the Street Smarts. Oh, the drama!

Well, the house deal didn't work out. Everything was great except for the school zone. So, had to cross that one off the list. Heck, after last month's 13.1% plummet in U.S. housing starts...maybe I need to wait.

A really great interview from with Ronald Muhlenkamp of The Muhlenkamp Fund (MUHLX). Interesting points made by Mr. Muhlenkamp:
  • I've now been through five or six recessions, and what I've learned is that every now and then the public shifts its spending. In the 80s, people were spending their money on BMWs and housing. In the first half of 90s, people bought financial stuff, like stocks. When they change their spending habits, it tends to occur across a recession. Now, it's anything related to the home.

  • When you get a shift, it takes a lot for people to change their patterns.

  • Back in the 60s and 70s, we expected a recession every three to five years. The first one is traumatic. The second one, you think, I've been through this before. We've only had two recessions in 20 years. We had a generation that had never been through a recession. I compare it to wintertime in Pennsylvania. You know it's going to be cold during certain months. We think of the business cycle the same way as we think of a seasonal cycle.
Later trades.

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