Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oil Rigs & Prices Update

Posting an updated chart on US Oil Rig Counts versus Crude Oil prices.

Data provided by Baker Hughes, Inc. and

To learn more about this the original post here.

Mark December 10th & 11th on your calanders or Tivo it. Roger Nusbaum from Random Roger's Big Picture will be on Your World with Neil Cavuto (Friday) and Forbes on Fox (Saturday). Roger is a good guy...wish him luck!

There is a long story to my shoulder situation...but I'll give you the short explanation. They had me down with the wrong shoulder injury. They could have really messed me up...but the surgeon and physical therapist think all is okay. I attended my second therapy session today...and much much better. The pain is finally gone from Monday's torture treatment.

In fact, I might sneak out and see the new Blade: Trinity flick. I'll let you know if its a winner or a stinker.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes and concerns!

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