Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Daily System Update

Sorry about the oil chart formatting in the previous article. I'll try to fix the problem tomorrow morning.

Daily System Updates
Received a long system trigger for the QQQQ for Thursday's (12/08/2004) market opening. This system has an 82% win ratio with an average profit of 3.55%. The system holds the QQQQ for a max of 7 days. This system is based on a two-day pattern: a range expansion day followed by a range contraction. A trend filter is thrown into they mix as well.

Please read the disclaimer on the website. This is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or trade securities. Just a journal of my travels through Wall Street. I can buy, sell, or hold any positions mentioned on this website at anytime. So, be warned.


muckdog said...

An 82% win ratio? Wow, whenever it quits working, you should write a book! My best system is at 74% fairly consistantly with not much drawdown. I had one that was at 80%, then I found a self-induced programming flaw. I was using the system for 3 weeks, and it was 3 for 3, but sometimes the roulette wheel comes up Red three times in a row, too... So I moved that one to my folder called "formula graveyard." There are lots of formulas in that folder. :(

Mike Taylor said...

Yes, I have a folder like that...called "Not Ready For Primetime". I'm sure most of those systems will end up in the graveyard...but would be nice to find a Seinfeld in the bunch.