Monday, December 13, 2004

Oracle buys Peoplesoft

While everyone is focusing on Orasoft...I'm wondering what SAP AG is thinking right now? SAP could perceive this as a huge win or a death blow.

Huge win?
  • The troublesome merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq marked the end of their dominance in the PC market. And opened the gates wide open for a strong and focused player like Dell.
  • While Orasoft is struggling to combine the two companies and their product offerings...will a strong and focused player like SAP AG step in like Dell? Already 50% of the world's GDP flow through SAP systems.
Death Blow?
  • 70% of SAP applications run on Oracle databases.
  • How uneasy will the relationship between Orasoft and SAP AG become over the next few years?
  • Will the marketing efforts on SAP AG's / MYSQL's MaxDB increase? MaxDB is a SAP-certified open source database.
  • Will this open up the market for newcomers in the ERP field? Newcomers and existing players in the database field?
  • Are CIO's feeling uneasy about their administrative IT systems being in the sole hands of a vendor? Could we see a resurgence in homegrown IT systems? If so, will companies like EDS and Perot Systems see a boost?
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