Monday, December 27, 2004

Late night Readings

  • Ed Yardeni's 2005 predictions. To put it simply, he's bullish on the US Markets. He's a believer in growth stocks and buzzword plays such as RFID and anti-virus companies. Also recommends coal companies...similar to Tobin Smith's mention on Bulls & Bears this past weekend. Check out his 2004 predictions...the recommendation to stay away from pharma was spot on.

  • Big Bonuses on Wall Street? How are the high-end retailers doing?

  • Silver is the new white? If so, could this bring more demand to the shiny metal?

  • Satellite radio? Yes, I'm seriously thinking about getting one. I live in a rural area and the lack of choice and quality on my commute to and from work is spurring this decision. It seems all the buzz is with Sirius. But, after my product seems XM Satellite has the better product. Plus, it's cheaper. And I believe the XM Satellite Roady 2 is the only one offering customized stocks lists. Hey, after I saw that...I knew I had to have one.

  • Top performing newsletters of 2004 and their stock picks. The Turnaround Letter and BI Research are the ones sounding most interesting to me. Read here.

  • Alan Farley proposes his trader's resolutions for 2005. He's dead on with the weekly trading.

  • Interview with Darren Clifford. I like how he treats each trade as an independent business. The trading pairs strategy has given me some interesting system ideas to test.

Daily System Updates

Current open system positions:
  • 1 QQQQ (BBLower) long with current profit of +0.03%;
  • 1 QQQQ (Tii100Low) long with current profit of +0.51%.
Please read the disclaimer on the website. This is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or trade securities. Just a journal of my travels through Wall Street. I can buy, sell, or hold any positions mentioned on this website at anytime. So, be warned.


Anonymous said...

I liked the Alan Farley article. With all the potential opportunities in the marketplace, a trader has to rely on some sort of programming models to scan and identify potential trades. Making the trading automatic though is something I wouldnt do. I still like pulling the trigger :)

Tom @ Sixth World

Mike Taylor said...

I agree with ya. Automating 100% is just something I couldn't do.