Friday, November 27, 2009

Portfolio Performance for October 2009

Nothing like the holidays in order to catch up with the chores. Reporting October's performance being one of them. Really not much to report. Neither the market nor the portfolio did much of anything. Which is good considering all the gloom and doom out there in the financial landscape.

As you can see, the market still has the portfolio by a small edge.

Basically, it was a tie this month with a monthly decline of -1.98% for the market and a decline of -1.95% for the portfolio. Technically, a win this month...but I'm calling it a tie.

As a said before, a pretty nothing month for October. Not much else to say. On to other things...

The simulation platform is ongoing. I'm still hip deep in unit testing. But, getting ever closer to feeling good about the validity of the platform's results.

The system the portfolio is based on, as we know by reviewing the portfolio's performance each month, has quite a bit of volatility. I've discovered a very simple filter recently that may aid in reducing the vol of the system. Of course, the testing platform needs to be finished before I can be sure of the filter's validity. But, preliminary results look promising.

From the fun pile...have you checked out ESPN's wildlife cam? My brother-in-law pointed it out to me and it is truly addicting. Never know what you may see. Last night there was a hog all by his lonesome eating the corn. The other day, about 15 turkeys were feeding, along with some deer. The funnest part is when the coons and deer fight over the feed. Good stuff.

Also, not sure if the readers are aware...but I'm on twitter now...and post every now and then random stuff. You can view my twitter feed at the top right of this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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