Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Russell 3000 Daily Stats (09/08/09)

Total Active Components = 2977
Total New Listings this period = 0
Total Inactive this period = 1

Key Figures Russell 3000
# All-time Closing Highs 14 (0.47%)
# All-time Closing Lows 1 (0.03%)

# Stocks Closing Higher 1931 (64.86%)
# Stocks Closing Lower 984 (33.05%)

Total Gains/Losses $641.70 (0.95%)
Average True Range (3.97%)

Price verification found 0 errors
[Edit: This post was corrected. Having troubles with the pricing database this week. I believe I've identified the issues...but time will tell. Most of the issues were a result of adding benchmark comparison functionality to the reporting engine. I haven't rolled out the front-end to this yet. But, once I'm sure all the issues are resolved, the stats will post with a comparison to the ETF benchmark IWV. Should always be roughly the same...but will be interesting if there are days that miss the mark.]

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