Monday, January 10, 2005


The market is looking weak. You feel good about the market when you wake up in the morning, the market is down, and then spends the rest of the day trending up. Day after day of this behavior and traders get bullish.

Not this market. Wake up every morning to witness the market up, sometimes nicely, then to watch it sell-off and finish the day lower. Weak!

You can almost feel the heavy-weights allowing the market to work higher in the morning and then begin their selling into the strength...working their positions off.

During these trading environments watch what is being sold. What's getting hit, experiencing a nice pop in the morning to then experience heavy selling pressure in the afternoon. These stocks can be a lot of fun once the heavy-weights work their positions off.

How did the Five Down system work out? Not good. If you would have taken the trade you would have lost -0.08%. There were 3 trades that occurred in the year 2004. Only 1 was a loser that occurred back in March. The loss was -0.82%. What's worse is the market lost another -2.52% within seven days of the close of the system. But, the good news is the market then rallied +7.48% from the opening of the Five Down system.

Not that any of that matters. Cause you know the saying...past results are not indicitive of future performance. Ha!

Be careful out there...traders are getting comfortable with the morning rally/afternoon sell-off. They might get more agressive in selling this market.

Daily Systems

Current Open Systems:

Symbol System Entry Date Exit Date Profit/Loss%
WAG BreakUp 1/4/2005 open +3.20%
QQQQ Tii100Low 1/5/2005 open -0.39%
QQQQ BBLower 1/5/2005 open -0.39%
QQQQ ATRBreakBB 1/5/2005 open -0.39%
QQQQ TrueRVolume 1/5/2005 open -0.39%
QQQQ VolSurgeDown 1/6/2005 open -0.23%
QQQQ Harami 1/6/2005 open -0.23%
ACV BreakUp 1/7/2005 open +0.89%

Total +0.30%

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