Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fed Chair History

  • Daytraders out there need to check out the action in EAT. The market maker for that stock is making some serious coin.
  • The BreakUp system really missed out on the ACV trade. Just one more day would have been really nice. The ACV trade was closed at the open today and then proceeded to surge 5% beyond that opening price.
  • Need a little help from my readers. I'm doing some research on the history of Federal Reserve Chairmen. Anyone know the starting month for Benjamin Strong's tenure as Fed Chair?
  • Also, what's the deal with Ronald Ransom? I believe he died while Fed Chair and then McCabe was appointed. But, don't know the actual tenure timeline or starting month. Review the list below and let me know of any errors.
Federal Reserve Chairman in History
Benjamin Strong (starting month: ?; served: 1914 - 1928)
Marriner Eccles (starting month: February; 1936 - 1948)
Ronald Ransom (starting month: ?; served: ?)
Thomas McCabe (starting month: April; served: 1948 - 1951)
William McChesney Martin (starting month: April; served: 1951 - 1970)
Arthur Burns (starting month: February; served: 1970 - 1978)
G. William Miller (starting month: March; served: 1978 - 1979)
Paul Volcker (starting month: August; served: 1979 - 1987)
Alan Greenspan (starting month: August; served: 1987-current)


Daily Systems

New System Triggers
  • Close QQQQ (ATRBreakBB) long position at Friday's market open.
Recently Closed Trades
  • Closed QQQQ (MidWeekDrops) long position with a -0.62% loss.
  • Closed ACV (BreakUp) long position with a +3.96% profit.
  • Closed EAT (BreakUp) long position with a +2.96% profit.
Current Open Systems
Symbol System Entry Date Exit Date Profit/Loss%
1/5/2005 open -4.08%
MGF BreakUp
1/19/2005 open +0.60%
FO Breakup
1/24/2005 open +2.83%

Total -0.65%

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