Monday, January 31, 2005

Case of the Muundays

Interesting article from about Ed Noonan, founder of Contravisory Research & Management Corp. Mr. Noonan focuses on long-term price-trend analysis for the stock market. His work sounds very interesting. If you check out his website you can even find out more in regard to his research and analysis of price trends and their relation to the overall market and sectors.

If you're interested in the entrepreneur side of things...check out Each day a couple of stories about small businesses are portrayed. Always interesting and sometimes a good idea generator.

Later Trades...

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New System Triggers
  • Close FO (BreakUp) long position at Tuesday's market open.
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  • none.
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Symbol System Entry Date Exit Date Profit/Loss%
MGF BreakUp
1/19/2005 open +0.75%
FO Breakup
1/24/2005 open +4.98%

Total +5.74%

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