Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back to the Salt Mine

Sorry for the lack in posts this week. It has been a very busy week. My mind is on other things than this blog or the current market's state. I've been trying to figure out how to code the QQQQ daily systems into an indicator.

I've made some progress the past two nights. But, still much work ahead. So, before I head back to the salt mine...wanted to wish everyone a great weekend.

Later trades.

Daily Systems

New System Triggers
  • None
Recently Closed Trades
  • Closed QQQQ (TrueRVolume) at Thursday's market open with a -2.66% loss.
Current Open Systems
Symbol System Entry Date Exit Date Profit/Loss%
1/5/2005 open -3.44%
ACV BreakUp
1/7/2005 open +1.62%
CB BreakUp
1/19/2005 open -3.25%
MGF Breakup
1/19/2005 open +0.00%

Total -5.07%

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