Thursday, November 11, 2004

System Updates

This weekend I plan to experiment with a few new system ideas. After reviewing a few charts I have noticed cases where the volume expands greatly and the price does not reflect the change until several bars later. I've toyed with this idea before but never had much luck.

I'd like to try testing to see if the volume does expand, the price does nothing one way or the other for that bar, then on the next few bars prices expand rapidly with relatively no increased expansion in volume. This would tell me that shares are in short supply, so to speak. And any buying creates a run-up in price.

Daily System Updates

Close at Friday's open:
  • 1 QQQ long system with current profit of 4.39%.
Current open system positions:
  • CVT long with current loss of -0.20%;
On a closing note...
We're taking my daughter out this weekend for her very first haircut. Then off to see The Incredibles. Should be fun.

A cold front swept through should be a nice cool weekend in Texas. Hope the weather is good where you are.

Have a great weekend!


muckdog said...

Ever look at the Chaiken Money Flow? I've been doing some backtesting and formula tweaking, trying to optimize some trading scenarios.

Mike Taylor said...

MuckDog, you've got me on the Chaikin Money Flow. I've tried many indicators...but have not tried the accumulation distribution type.

Funny, you ask though. After reading Philip Gotthelf's interview and the creation of the COMMODEX system...I was going to test out some scenarios with Money Flow, OBV, etc.

Have you had any success with the Money Flow?