Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rogers Interview

I'm heading home...but had to post the link to this great interview of market wizard, Jim Rogers. Thanks to the Commodity Trader for posting this interview.

Read article here.

I agree with Rogers on several points in the interview. Most importantly that oil will see much higher prices in the coming years. Although a pullback is needed from current levels.

Also pay note to what he says about utilities. And check out a few of the utility stocks and their corresponding stock charts...like TXU and Southern. I think an investment paradigm is in the making here. These stocks are moving into a different asset category. Moving from the old measure of dividend yields to the new one...the unthinkable for utilities...growth rates.

Dynegy's recent buying spree in this field is just a sign of things to come. Of course, these stocks are all due for a much needed pullback. But, pay attention to this sector. It could get interesting.

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