Friday, November 12, 2004

John Henry & Philip Gotthelf Interviews

Great quotes from John Henry in an SFO Magazine interview:
  • If you can put aside what should be, what could be, what ought to be, what would have, could have, should have occurred and just pay attention to what is actually happening, the act of paying attention transforms what is. The greatest action, the wisest, the best action that you can take in almost any situation is to stay with what is, instead of jumping to conclusions or trying to come up with conclusions. Just pay attention.

  • I’ve made a lot of money in the last two decades by not predicting anything. You know, once you admit that you can’t predict anything, people don’t want to listen to you.

  • A human being never gets a whole picture. The way that we perceive things is in contrast to other things. If you have a white wall and you put a white dot against it, you can’t see it. So, we don’t see things in their totality. We see things only in terms of contrast.

  • Markets are basically people’s expectations, and I always call trends manifestations of those expectations.
Read the full interview here. Note, you may need to register in order to read the article.

Another great interview of Philip Gotthelf from SFO Magazine as well. Talks about the COMMODEX System and its evolution. Read here and here. Great stories on his prediction and explanation of the March 2000 blow-off top, investing demographics, development of COMMODEX, thoughts about deflation, his market beating with COMMODEX calling the top, and most of all his father's market lesson.

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muckdog said...

Oh, I can predict lots of things. There's just no guarantee that any of them will come true!