Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Broker and Atlanta...

I've switched brokers again about 3 weeks ago. MB Trading was great but the per share pricing was beginning to hurt the performance of the new system I'm trading. So, had to act fast and switch to a broker that was #1 cheap and #2 priced commissions based on trade not shares. I chose Izone. They're an arm of Ameritrade and their trading interface is one and the same. That's a good thing since I'm very familiar with the interface and thus no learning curve to overcome.

So far so good. They integrate very well with QuoteTracker software. Fills have been very good. Overall, I'm pleased. And have to add that QuoteTracker is really the driving force behind making everything I'm doing work.

I'll continue to monitor Izone's performance and let you know of the good and bad.

Update on my day job projects. The majority of them are complete, in production, and being used like there's no tomorrow. So far so good. The real test will be this Friday when they run final payroll. Cross your fingers.

I've also discovered an EDI conference I'll need to attend in Atlanta this coming October. Should be a fun trip. Have some family in the area so plan to learn a lot and do some visiting. After all the hard work I've put in and more importantly number of hours...I think I'll extend my stay and make a vacation out it. If anyone has any good recommendations for places to stay & vist in and around Atlanta...please let me know. Last time I've been in the area was back in my AT&T days when I did a brief teaching stint at the Alpharetta location. I saw very little daylight since I ended up taking the graveyard shift in training the job operators. Hopefully, on this trip, I'll have a little more time to see and do.

By next week, I should get back to the normal grind again and start writing better more content-filled articles.

Until then...



Anonymous said...

Do you realize that using an Ameritrade company that you're doing nothing more then e-mailing your orders in and they're pooled against other client orders? Amazing the lack of knowledge.

AvidVines said...
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AvidVines said...

Atlanta restaurant quick guide:
1. Trendy, great wine bar, be seen and excellent food - One Midtown Kitchen
2. Excellent bistro food - Mid-City Cuisine
3. Great wine bar, casual food, on the Georgia Tech campus - The Globe

Have a good time! Weather will be great.