Sunday, August 28, 2005

Interview with Andy Beyer

Check out the recent interview of Andy Beyer via TradingMarkets. A truly insightful interview with a gambling legend. Some of my favorite quotes in the interview:
It was a tremendous edge to have the figures at a time when most people didn’t use them or even believe in them. I can only draw an analogy to the stock market – if the concept of the P/E ratio were unknown to, or its importance was disbelieved by the majority of people buying stocks, and you were about the only guy who knew what the P/E of different stocks was, it would be a tremendous advantage and I had that advantage for many years.

So a lot of my emphasis now is on watching races and taking notes on all the horses and you’re trying to see things and spot subtleties that other horseplayers may not see -- to try to get an edge that way.

I think that most horseplayers will tell you they’ve had a successful year, it’s not because they have been brilliant at grinding day-in and day-out profits, but because during the course of that year, they have made a certain number of big scores that more than compensate for all the inevitable losses along the way.

Read more of this great interview here.

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Mike Taylor said...

You're welcome. Yes, I agree about the TradingMarkets site. I believe they have redesigned the site and opened more of their content up. Which is always a good thing.