Saturday, February 11, 2012

Portfolio Performance - January 2012

January 2012
# of Entries..........10
# of Exits.............9


Portfolio's ROI......+ 3.31%
Market's ROI.........+ 4.36%
Market beat us this month. But, it was a winning month and a good start to the new year. I'll take it.

I'm doing something different for 2012. Reading Diary of a Commercial Commodities Trader from Peter Brandt gave me the idea. Peter does a great job of analyzing his trades from a chart technician perspective in real-time through the book. I normally don't care what the charts look like in choosing my trades. Just take the signals the system gives me.

But, the system often generates too many trades for the amount of cash I have on hand. I've not had a good handle on which of the few from the many I should select for that day's cash on hand. For 2012; I'll analyze each signal's chart before and after the trade. See what patterns emerge from this analysis. Worst case...just a bunch of random charts with no impact to the bottom line. Best case...I find a filter or new criteria to add to my system's signal selection process.

An example chart from January's best trade - SCSS...

An example chart from January's worst trade - TYPE...

Finally, want to thank my family for a wonderful visit in Texas. Great food and conversation. Awesome trip!

Later Trades,



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