Sunday, July 17, 2011

Portfolio Performance - June 2011

# of Entries..........12
# of Exits............10
Portfolio's ROI.......-7.72%
Market's ROI..........-1.83%

June felt like a death by a thousand paper cuts. The month of June stands as the highest system entries, lowest win ratio, and largest monthly drawdown. It's always difficult to continue taking trades when your system is performing badly. Especially, when you can clearly see why the market is a mess for your system.

The slippery slope is to stop trading until the traffic clears. Do that and sure enough you will miss the turn. I have entertained in the past a more systematic trading halt. Stop taking trades for the month when some trading metric hits a filter. The trading metric could be a win ratio, profit factor, expectancy, drawdown, and a host of others.

Problem is: I have never found a way to improve systems by trading the equity curve outside of Anti-martingale fixed-fractional position-sizing. Even when the system exhibits a high trade dependency. That's not to say it isn't something to explore for your systems. Especially, since improving a system is dependent upon your own definition of improvement.

No, experiencing a big drawdown is the toughest thing a system trader will encounter. Mostly because there's nothing you can do about it but sit on your programming hands, continue taking entries despite how you feel, and patiently wait it out.

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Don't give up Mike!

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