Sunday, February 06, 2011

Portfolio Performance for January 2011

The portfolio finished the month up 2.82%. Not a particularly stellar month for the portfolio; but I'll take a win over the market anytime.

# of Entries.......8
# of Exits.........7

As you can see with the above entries & exits; still not much activity for the portfolio in January. I'm hoping this next month brings more action to the table.

On the development side of the house; I hit a snag with the simulation engine's backend database architecture. So, I've spent a few weeks performance testing the database components. I believe I've got all the performance issues squared away and plan to get back on track with the conversion over the next few weeks.

Later Trades,



Mike said...


I am system trader too. Was wondering what kind of system you trade above. Is it a trend following system? What do you trade in your portfolio?

Mike Taylor said...

I currently trade just one system in the portfolio. It is a mean-reversion system with a trend-following filter. The system analyzes all stocks in the US Markets based on minimum price & volume limits.


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