Monday, August 24, 2009

Russell 3000 Stocks - 2009

The table below covers the delisted stocks of the active Russell 3000 Index. I'll update this page later to include the active stocks as well.

Delisted Russell 3000 Stocks

CNBColonial Bancgroup Inc Delisted 08/14/2009: Filed for bankruptcy
CGRBCougar Biotechnology In Acquired 07/10/2009: by Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
DDUPData Domain Inc Acquired 07/23/2009: by EMC (EMC)
EQEmbarq Corp Acquired 07/01/2009: by CenturyTel (CTL)
ENTUEntrust Inc Delisted 07/29/2009: Acquired by private Thoma Bravo, LLC.
FCLFoundation Coal Holding Merged 07/31/2009: with Alpha Natural Resources (ANR)
LEALear Corp Delisted 07/02/2009: Filed for bankruptcy
LGTYLogility Inc Acquired 07/09/2009: by American Software (AMSWA)
SUMTSumtotal Systems Inc Delisted 07/21/2009: Merged with private Vista Equity Partners Fund III, L.P.
WINDWind River Systems Inc Acquired 07/17/2009: by Intel Corp (INTC)

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