Monday, October 03, 2005

Interview with Hank Camp from TradingMarkets

Lot on my plate tonight but wanted to point you to this great interview of Hank Camp by I jotted down several notes from the interview...including:
Trading using the PREM. I've actually coded a crude version of PREM in my systems before...but never knew the true technical term until this article.

Nice tidbits on quote services and nomenclature of the PREM series (DTN, Esignal, Comstock, and TradeStation). Check out their website for further detail on quote providers here.

Interesting insights into event trading such as "reverse manipulation" during options expiration, days of the week (option expiration Mondays, unemployment report Fridays, and Friday 13th), and William %R.
By the way, do you keep a trading notebook for articles like these? To jot down notes, ideas, further research topics? I've got stacks of these things. I've briefly addressed this topic before on dealing with ADD and the need to write things down...but I think this would benefit all traders out there. For example, tonight I have my notes from the above interview along with action items to test in my nightly system studies.

Actually, first thing I'm starting off with tonight is testing a volatility stop involving the close divided by a long-term moving average. Call this value R. Then smooth R with a shorter moving average duration. Apply a lower band of 3% to 5% from the smoothed R and if the original R drops below the smoothed R...scale out a portion of the whole position or get out entirely. This vol stop was discussed in the recent AIQ Opening Bell newsletter. You can find several issues of the Opening Bell here. Enjoy!

Later Trades,



Carlo Giuntoni said...

Great interview, but I want to say how I use notes, interviews, websites and so on.
I looked and experienced many clipboard managers, but the best I found is Evernote (

Not only safe all what you need to remember from your PC, categorised as you wish (I have To Do, To read, Charts, and son), but you can also type in thoughts or whatever you want.


Mike Taylor said...

Carlo, I'll have to check evernote out. For some reason, I have a problem with keeping my notes on my it's not real until I print them out and mull on them awhile over a cup of coffee. I know...old school...and I'm not that old! :)

Seriously, thanks for the comment! I've added evernote to my action list for this week. :)