Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dow Teaser

Wanted to post a link to a chart I've created comparing the 1970's on the Dow versus our current timeframe. So, please check it out here. I'll post my explanations later this week in another post.

Please note, the chart is a very rough comparison. Let me say that again...a very rough comparison. :-)

Oh, and pay special attention to how the Dow flirted with the 1,000 level back in the late 60's and 70's and how we are flirting with the 11,000 level now.

Later Trades,



Jack Miller said...

Great charts! What software and data sources do you use?

Mike Taylor said...


I pick up most of my stock data from TC2000 which I believe is now called Telechart 2005. Very pleased with this platform. Been using it for over 7 years.

The other data I show on the blog from time to time is typically from government web sites. But, to be honest, kind of a pain to keep collecting from those sites because have to hand enter much of it to fit my needs. I'm currently exploring a new data source that has all kinds of fundamental and economic data right at the tips of your fingers. If it works out...I'll send you the information.

Then to create the charts I use MS Excel. And sometimes Wealth-Lab.

Take care,