Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday's Update

Today's a pretty tight range day. Market's afraid to move one way or the other for too long. I'm sure the upcoming election has something to do with it. So, be careful out there. Once this election pressure is removed...the market is sure to surge. Question is...which way?

Here's some random news links to keep you occupied and away from the market today:

A black swan event? Hobbits are real? Read on...

Canaries smarter than humans? Who woulda thunk it? Read on...

Investing in waves? Adam Hamilton from does a great job in showcasing how the market moves in waves.

Think how lucky the people were who entered their main investing years back in 1982 and basically just hung on for the ride. I'm afraid our generation will not be that fortunate. Read on... or click on the graph above.

Jim Rogers interview. Looks like he's a strong believer in the future of China and that we're in a secular bull market for commodities. And he's writing a new book to prove it, Hot Commodities.

And finally, Happy Birthday Dad. You were born just two years before Black Tuesday, the day the Dow Jones shed 11.73% and the mark of the Great Depression. What an interesting and hard time you grew up in. Amazing the changes that have transpired. To think you grew up in a time before television and are now reading this on the Internet via DSL. Boggles the mind.

Happy Halloween everyone. And to my cousin Mysti and her new husband Chip...I wish ya'll all the best!

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