Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Market Experiment

In the process of building a new computer for my trading platform. And let me tell ya, it will be sweet. It has taken me about a week to figure out all the components I wanted. Decided to go with an AMD 64 platform using the 939 socket infrastructure. Chose the new SLI type boards. Not so much for the SLI but for all the built-in RAID features that I will soon take advantage of. Also loading 2 GB of dual-channel memory from Corsair. Chose memory designed for large memory array applications such as my Wealth-Lab software simulations.

My next post will be a breakdown of all the hardware purchased for the system and I'll share with ya'll the places I purchased the components. And give reasons for choosing what I did.

And for those interested...I'm still long the market. I did take advantage of the new price highs in land drillers early last week and sold. Mostly just because I figured earnings would be about as good as they could get for the next few quarters. The subsequent quarters most likely will begin seeing capital expenditures eating into some of their recent blow-out profits.

I'm still long a few oil service plays. Mostly because they haven't done anything and are typically late to the stock market party. Also, their strong season is the summer. So, I'll hold until I see new highs or until I get stopped out. Or if they don't respond well to the summer season like I expect.

The rest of my money is in the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and the Dow. And lots of it. I just hope this bucking bronco keeps bucking and doesn't turn up dead on me. Ha!

And lastly, I'll share with you a recent experiment I've been carrying out. I have cut-off all market related news and commentary. The Fox morning Stock Market shows are gone. My daily blog readings...gone. Investors Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, newspapers from around the world? Gone. Yahoo Finance? Gone. The only thing I'm allowed to see are my stock charts. I cannot even follow world events such as economic and political news. Since these can and will affect my trading perspective.

I bet you're asking, how does it feel? Oh man, it's rough. Finally in the second week of the experiment and I'm beginning to see the power behind being cut off from the rest of the world. I guess Darvis was on to something. Anyway, I expect to carry out the experiment til at least the end of May. Based on the results I may continue this path. To be honest, it does focus you. Forces you to see the market for what it is instead of what everyone else is saying it is. For a contrarian like me who is always ready to take the other side of someone's opinion...this might actually be the way to go.

I'll keep you posted.

Later Trades,


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