Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Great Dog and Price Slopes

My dad called tonight with some sad news. Seems our family dog, Roxie, has developed a very serious tumor in her stomach area and it's preventing her from eating, moving, living to tell the truth. Not sure how many readers out there have had to deal with aging pets and the toughest of decisions when it comes to their life and health. But, I'm afraid that's what my dad will have to debate over the next few days.

Roxie is a Chesepeake Bay Retriever and her temperament and character are Chesepeake to the core. Extremely hard-headed, loyal, smart, and most of all loving. I can still remember when we picked Roxie up from her litter for the first time. It was my first year of marriage and my wife and I were still living in College Station and I was hacking away at my final year at A&M. She was a fun pup and gave my mom and dad quite a delight over the years. My family has had many dogs including labs, goldens, boxers, heelers, etc. But, for some reason Chesepeakes just take the cake. Having a Chesepeake is like owning a dog for the first time all over again. Because they do some many things just bassakwards. And they're BIG. Big enough to truly help when you're clearing timber. Picking up big logs and carrying them around like little sticks to the far woods. Funny.

Anyway, back to the market. While on the phone my dad mentioned I haven't written much in the blog. He's right. I haven't had a whole lot to say. Most of my energy has been focused on studying the market and I haven't lifted my head up to do much else. Sorry about that.

I've been bound and determined to come up with a general market trend detector. Basically, an indicator that would answer the following questions: 1) Are we in an uptrend? 2) If so, are we in the beginning stage, middle, or topping? 3) Are we instead in a downtrend? 4) If so, are we in the beginning stage, middle, or bottomming? 5) Or are we stuck in congestion?

I agree it's complicated. But I'm breaking the development into little steps and attempting them one by one. As Charles Atlas says, "Step by step and the thing is done."

The first step I'm tackling is answering the question "#1 - Are we in an uptrend?" I've been working on this step for about 2 weeks now and tonight I believe I'm close to the answer. Surprisingly, there was a fairly simple solution. It involves the slope of the price average. It seems the slope of the average works much like price volatility in that it being a leading indicator.

If the current slope is positive then the future slope is likely positive. Sounds simple doesn't it? Anyway, by just testing this indicator alone it turns out to be a pretty good system. But, more development to come. My next step will be tackling question #2 - Are we in the beginning, middle, or topping process of the uptrend.

Later Trades,


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