Saturday, October 09, 2010

Portfolio Performance for September 2010

September was a great month for the portfolio. Adding another positive month to the new system's belt. So far, 3 out of 4 positive months for the new system. Marking August as the only negative month. This reminds me, I need to code some reports to track this type of information. Add it to the many list of things to do. On to the charts:
As you can see, the portfolio dropped 6% in August followed by a 21% pop in September.

After a great month; it's easy to pat yourself on the back. If anything the years have taught me; September was just another month. I haven't done anything to garner a great month or a bad month. Perhaps this quote from Wall Street 2 says it best:
Jacob: "How's your day going?"
Lewis: "I told you...good day I'm okay, bad day...I'm okay. Stop bugging me on my feelings, their irrelevant."

Checking out the Drawdown chart above, we're inching ever closer to getting back to even. Hard to imagine we've been living in drawdown for almost 3 years.
That's it from the trading turret where I'm watching the colorful leaves fall. Looking forward to a weekend of grilling, finishing up some remodel work, and enjoying a few seasonal beers of the Fall.

Later Trades,


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