Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hawk Picture

Hawk in my backyard, originally uploaded by TaylorTree.

Came home today and noticed this hawk checking out our backyard. My daughter and I couldn't believe how close we got before it flew off.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.



Anonymous said...

Cool picture, Michael. Every year there are a couple of hawks that nest near our home in Chapel Hill, NC. I work from home next to a large window and I'll occasionally see something swooping through the trees. They are impressive birds! I've actually seen one attack a large rabbit. They also make an interesting, easily recognizable sound.

Thanks for the pic!

Mike Taylor said...

Hey Dave! I'm glad you wrote. I completely forgot about all the rabbits we have that visit our backyard and garden...I bet that's what this hawk was checking out. :)

Sounds like you've got a sweet home office setup...especially if you get to see hawks from time to time. I agree...very impressive birds.

Have a good week!