Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hurricane Rita - Good site on getting back home

This Houston MetroBlogging site posted a great link to a blog that focuses on The Road Home.



Dan McCarthy said...

Mike-- I'm glad almost everything ended up being alright. Thank God. I hope things return to normalcy soon.

If you're interested I have made those yahoo functions available for public use on my blog.

Hope all is well.

Mike Taylor said...

Thanks Dan! Yes, I cannot wait to get back to normalcy. And especially don't look forward to cleaning up that fallen tree.

I'll have to check out those functions. They look real promising based on the posts you've made.

By the way, not sure if you follow this stuff...but acrary has re-opened his system
on EliteTrader. He's finally out from the obligations of his hedge fund contract and sharing some more of his system trading knowledge. Good stuff.

Take care,